Working Out. Bite Me.

I feel like what I want to say will be immediately discarded as hogwash (new vocab thanks to my brit friend). I know that when its been told to me I always rolled my eyes if not visibly than inwardly. But its true, so I will share.

When I have been at my lowest, stressed, my mind obsessing, feeling lost, alone, all that crapiness---Exercising has worked wonders for me in helping to clear my mind.

Of course, when you feel stressed, or lost, you aren't really too enthused about working out....however, if you have reached an all time low, and you feel like you've tried it all, or you haven't tried it all but you are so sick of being down- go outside and exercise.

It works for me. I always feel better afterwards.

ps. its proven that in cleans out toxins in your body. Also true that toxins can add to stress and an unclear mind :)
polkio polkio
26-30, F
Jan 17, 2013