Insecurity, Sense Of Inferiority

I am 29, married.
Since July 2012 I got severe cystic acne on my face. I was put on some high power medicine which can cause depression and suicidal thoughts in the extreme rare cases. My skin has become dry, chapped, has lost its sheen due to the drug.
Also, I cannot have a baby while I am on this (I was planning for one before all this happened :(). Whenever I see a baby, I get sad...
I am so depressed and lonely. My face is no longer how it used to be. My husband loves me a lot but I keep feeling inferior and insecure which causes even more depression.
I keep thinking that everyone finds me ugly... I have lost my self esteem.
Please help me....

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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Hi there, I started taking something called Evening primrose oil for my skin. I actually began taking it to soften my cervix for when labor starts, but as I read up on it, I found out it can also help acne My acne is pretty bad and even worse during pregnancy :( Anyways, I take 3/day and it DOES really work... I was shocked. It's worth a try. Does not dry out your skin. Actually my hair, skin and nails all look MUCH better now :)


Im sorry you feel that way. I was on acutane in my twenties and boy did it dry out my skin. my aunt had cystic acne in her thirties.

I have a couple of suggestions that may help you. both have really helped my skin and they are fairly cheap solutions.

First, if you go to Home Depot, there is a shower filter that will take a lot of chlorine out of the water. it's only around twenty dollars and should last like six months. You would be amazed at how better your skin will look just from not bathing in chlorine!

seccond, there is a supplement at the health food store that is fairly inexpensive. It's called silica. You can get it between ten and twenty dollars. What this does is help restore collagen in the skin. I have used it and my skin looks fantastic when I use it.

I hope this helps. Don't get discouraged. Be blessed.

Thank you for all the suggestions. I will surely try to put them to use.
I do not stay in the US so I am not sure where to find the above products, but I will try to find them.

Cheers :)