Today was a bad day. I went to school, so many homework and I have a so many things to do for an upcoming event. My classmate depends on me solely in video editing, props and slide show. Plus, next saturday theres a grafitti competition and i know nothing about grafitti but i have to participate cause the teacher wants me to and there's no volunteer from art students. Im not an art students, Im taking history. Anyway, my grafitti group also depends on me and my mom is making a fuss about me withdrawing 50 bucks from my account to buy some spray cans even though last time i checked she withdraw 1000 bucks from my account for whatever she's doing. Im so tired and stressed out I wish i have someone to talk me to or to comfort me but then i realised im a lonely 18 years old girl with no close friends and no love life.
gunner1001 gunner1001
Aug 21, 2014