When I Was Falling Apart, You Helped Put Me Back Together

Sometimes the words aren't fluid. 

Deadlines, responsibility....

It eats away at the little bit of sanity I have left.

Pen and paper were once my best friends.

Now, I just don't know anymore.

I was extremely stressed out the other night about the essay I was writing but.....

We earned an "A"!

I feel as though I've won an Emmy. So here is my Speech.

Giving honor to God who is the head of my life.  To my family.  This is all for you.

To you Mom!  Rest in Peace. *sniffle*

Friends (I mean true friends) have been here on EP to remind me

 to relax.

They've reminded me to take a deep breath and

simply take a step forward.

Write using one word at a time.

I want to thank MrsIza Luvmc11 and Ennuye for supporting me during my last writing assignment.

Iza you listened to me vent about inequality and I know I probably got on your last damn nerve.  I thank you for you patience and understanding.  You shared your experiences and let me know I was not alone or wrong for being angry.

Luvmc, I scared you half to death discussing segregation and its presence in my community.  You were kind and also understanding.  I appreciate you listening and checking out the web site I was writing about.  Believe it or not, it meant a lot knowing that you were interested in what I was doing.

Ennuye, you gave me sound advice.  You helped me glue it all together.  I was sure I was going to fall apart at the seams.  You knew I had what it took to get this written and over with.  I honestly doubted whether I could before talking with you.  Thank you for encouraging me, reminding me to start on one single idea and move forward.

The challenge was great but, you my friends helped me see past the barriers.

I love you ladies.  You're my Sister Circle.


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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

You are an amazing woman ICL. I know few people would give sincere thanks to their friends for something like this.<br />
<br />
I am glad you are in my circle here even if we haven't talked too much.

ICL, I am happy to support you in whatever way I can, I believe in your dreams. This story is very kind of you, Thank You. You never have to wonder if I am interested in what you are doing honey, I am always interested in what you are doing. I am so happy that you earned an A on your paper. I love and respect you deeply, my dear friend. I look forward to us learning more about each other in the future. xoxox