Just... Simply... Ugh

For three weeks I have had terrible anxiety... the pressure of graduating at my school is so high that I found myself bent over, vomiting.
It's no surprise that graduating is a stressful event, but on top of the ever building list of things to do, buy, and make... I have a huge pressure on my shoulders to make my family proud.
My fiances mother is flying out just to see me at my portfolio show - an event my school puts on at the end of every quarter. Graduating students must present their work with an elaborate booth and portfolio. This is time consuming and expensive.
I am so scared that I won't make it through. I am doing poorly in one of my last technical classes and my portfolio class really is the most important class. As of right now I'm terrified I won't make it through. I have been up at 6am every morning and I finally get home around 9-10pm. I work throughout the day and constantly go home feeling as though I've accomplished nothing.
If I graduate, I am going to take a full weekend to myself before I start applying to companies.
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1 Response Nov 11, 2011

That's what I'm so stressed about too. =( .