Stressed By Child And Wife

Four months into my first marriage, my wife began showing signs of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Over 10 years, we battled vision loss, muscle spasms, extended hospital stays, rehab, loss of mobility, hospital bills, and all types of emotional, spiritual and physical challenges. Even though we had a child, the MS got the best of us and we divorced. I received custody of my son in the divorce.

I remarried years later after the divorce. Immediately after our wedding, my current wife took on a new high-stress job, an MBA program, and several community leadership roles. Our marriage was thrown in the back seat and my wife has been so buried in otherness that we have not had a relationship sense pre-marriage. I have supported her in these endeavors but I have encouraged my wife to ease up and set some priorities. Well, six months into our marriage, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. So in the midst of all of her challenges, this thing piles on. In short, it's been pretty ugly around our house. Lots of arguments and short tempers.

While trying to sustain a private business and support a stressed out new wife, my son is struggling with the 4th grade. School is a big challenge for him and he's not keeping up. I can't do more than I'm doing to support him and his learning. We got a terrible teacher this year and he is really struggling. Money is really tight and I just can't see many other support options right now.

So, I am stressed. My family is falling to pieces. My business is failing. My son is failing the 4th grade and my marriage is on the rocks. Today is my anniversary and I am not sure I should have gotten married. Hell, I don't think I should have had a child. Being single and alone doesn't seem bad right now.
Waitingonahappyending Waitingonahappyending
36-40, M
May 15, 2012