I Don't Know How To Un-stress Out!!!

I am stressed out and tired from it. For years and years it seems that I always have to deal with one thing or the other and most of them are not always my problems. Well I make them. Because I love my family. Not talking just about my husband and kids. That front is strong and healthy Thank God. I am talking about health issues of older loved ones (I already lost my dad to serious illness and am terrified about something happening to my mom), money problems that a lot of hard working family members of mine (hubby and I included) have to deal with almost all the time. I am always there for people I care about and sometimes it just brings me down on my knees. I worry constantly. My stomach is tied in knots. I sometimes envy those who are able to put troubles aside and just relax and accept that worrying isn't helping. I have had to deal with too much ever since I was little (too many painful memories I don't care to think or talk about them now) and I don't know how to be carefree. I have a wonderful husband and great kids and I feel like I'm never there 100% cause I'm always worried about this or that...I could go on and on. I'm just afraid that if I am not stressed about stuff something worse will happen and I won't be mentally prepared for it :( Am I losing it?
June73 June73
36-40, F
May 25, 2012