I Stress Too Much!

I stress about:
* Being my mother's support system: Struggling with anxiety,depression, stress, and self esteem issues I definitely have my own diffuclity with feeling hope but to keep my mother strong also.
*My friends: As a teenager, my friend or/and classmates can bring much drama.
*My father: My father is and will NEVER be a role model dad. I will NEVER meet him & could care as much as the gum on the bottom of my shoe about him. ALL I care is the problems and trauma he gave my mom and older brother.
*Homework: The dreadful word. As a perfectionist, it takes alot of time to make sure every detail is accurate. I am VERY smart but as everyone I do struggle with some concepts.

I have MANY more but I cannot think at the time BUT if you have any questions, concerns, or critiscms please comment below or message me.
SheWillBeLoved21 SheWillBeLoved21
13-15, F
Dec 3, 2012