I Understand

your only 19.i understand what your going through.ive been there my self.i stand back antake a deap breath.an then i think about when i get some time in at this job no mater how hard it is i start whatching the paper for some ting better.the morre time you have at that job the better an it looks better on your next aplacatoin.when im at a nother interveiw im tell them im looking for something im good at an so im trying differnt things.dont tell them its because its to much stress.i dont know every thing but im allmost 49 and i know all about the sress that your going through.i drive a truck an its the least sressfull job ive ever had an i do like it dont get me wrong because it dos have some stress but its not as bad as all the other jobs ive had.i know how hard it is but dont get your self stresed out an dont let others stress you out dont give up an keep reminding your self that you will find something better an something that you do like.thats half the battle. from me.
mikeflanagan mikeflanagan
46-50, M
Jan 12, 2013