Just Looking At My Ap Us History Notes Makes Me Dizzy

i just read 1 unit, 1 out of 7, and im stressed. i read it, not even study it word for word. what the heck made me take this class??? ahh. i thought i would try an ap class but that's the last time i'll try one. you know what? i'm just gonna read the rest of the unites and enter this stupid final next week. i'll just make flash cards of the supreme court cases and ammendments, and read the unites, thats it. i have a an a- in the class, and if the final is only like 10 or 15 % of the grade, and if i get a c or b- on it, the lowest grade i should get is a b- in the class. GOSH, why DO I STRESS OUT SO MUCH???

OMG, and i still have the english story comprehension final, in which he asks about stupid details my brain automatically misses. and the essay, too, is a part of that final grade. like seriously, i am too booked in my schedule to have time to edit that essay. my head hurts so bad right now..

and the chemistry final too, i need to review everything in one day

and spanish final, i'm supposed to be on lesson 17 while im still not sure about what lesson 1 is talking about

i am really tired, why can't i just fail all the finals in all of my classes and give myself a break??? why??? why do i always force my self to do the "RIGHT THING" but on the cost of my own well being and not-stresseing?
Shamandora Shamandora
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013