I Am So Stressed, Failed My Exam!

So this is my last - third year at the university. This semester I just tried as hard as I could. I wanted to do my exams in two weeks to have more time for my thesis. I was satisfied. I achieved almost highest mark in each of my subject. Then I went for my last exam, I picked up the question and I realized that I had never seen it before. I still tried to answer, of course it wasn't enough.
This question isn't part of syllabus and it wasn't discussed at the lectures.
My teacher told me to learn one book and then try again (next week). I bought the book but I struggle, it's pretty hard for reading, today I was learning for 7 hours and was able to read only one chapter - and I even don't remember it well. There are 20 chapters.
I am so stressed, I thought this exam would be fine since I visited lectures and made notes, I sometimes even learned this subject through this semester.
I don't know what to do, I feel like I will fail again :(.
Moonieee Moonieee
Jan 24, 2013