Calgon Take Me Away!

my co- workers are stressing me out! they all get along with me but not necessarily with each other and i'm the one that they all come to with complaints about one another. i'm talking about women in their late 50's, women that you would think would be more mature than this. but i guess age and maturity don't necessarily go hand in hand. i want to tell them to grow up already! that's why i play the lottery every week without fail, in hopes i will strike it big and be able to leave them all behind! between crazy family and crazy co-workers, i'm ready to find the nearest cave and move in forever! this is the way these people are making me feel LOL.

jerrica jerrica
51-55, F
4 Responses Feb 14, 2009

*sigh* overall, not really. same stupid, childish behavior, nitpicking and backbiting. i just do my thing and leave them to act like that, let them know not to bother me with all that BS. i'm still holding out for that winning lotto ticket lol

are things any better with your co workers since you wrote this?

last night wasn't so bad because two of the people were off. when i work with one, the other two aren't there and vice versa. so they each get the chance to complain about one another seperately lol. i know i'm getting real tired of all of them. and a nice bubble bath and having my back washed sounds like just the thing. lol

Sounds like a bad night at work, as if the patients weren't enough.<br />
Can I wash your back with a big soapy sponge while you soak?