It seems like everything goes wrong at once sometimes.

My soon to be ex-husband has started drinking again, which isn't surprising. My emotions on that matter aside, I've been relying on him to watch our son on the days I work 2nd shift. Now that he's drinking again I really feel that I can't leave our son with him.

Which wouldn't be such a big deal but I can't afford a babysitter either since he's been laid off from his job and hasn't been paying child support.

I also need several repairs on my car. My CV joints sound like they're going out. I also need new brake pads and roters, also things I can't afford.

I just feel like crying :(. I feel stupid for trying to rely on my soon to be ex for anything and also for buying a car that has so many problems.

I know I can get through this. Truth be told I need to get a better job. I really don't make enough money. For the moment though I'm going to have to either ask my mother in law for money or take out a small loan. Oh and then there's the filing fee for the divorce which it looks like I'll be paying by myself.
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The no support.. Having no choice but to Depend on a deadbeat dad.. I believe There is a clearing

Hi, I'm sorry that all this is going on in your life. I feel defeated simetimes about some of the same things