I feel really embarrassed about how I handle my stress at work. I get so stressed out that I just either cry or lash out. People think I'm crazy and don't want to be around me. I can't tell them about my chronic pain or the fact that I'm the only one brining money home in my household. I have too much on my shoulders. I wish I could take everything I have said back. I'm just totally isolated at work and it makes me sad.
waywardmuffin waywardmuffin
41-45, F
1 Response Aug 23, 2014

I feel ya. I'm so stressed out too. I'm the only one working and I'm supporting my husband and 20 year old son in 2 separate apartments in LA. Hubs is back working some it's still not enough. Hubs isn't living with me right now bc we are not loving each other and caring for each other like we should. It's all money. If I had more everything would be ok. My son can't or won't find work and I feel like a sinking ship. I need a break.