Make It Stop!!~

I am so BEYOND stressed right now!!! It's officially a week till we are supposed to move into the new house and this place is filled with boxes and still not fully packed! I have NO MORE BOXES! I have been shoving all the clothes into garbage bags and labelling them... I hope that helps but atleast it's getting me somewhere! I have been having a constant panic attack for the last 2 days now and I can't seem to stop vibrating. I'm hoping that when I go and pay rent on the new place tomorrow that I can get the keys early seeing as how no one is in it... but the previous tennants (3 single guys) left a HUGE mess on the front porch and yard!! I just hope I can get this all done smoothly! Before my buddy comes down to help us move on Friday!! Just make time stop so I can get it all done..... Please!! My kids haven't been helping... D.N hasn't been helping.. (when he tried.. he was just throwing EVERYTHING into ONE box.. NO THANKS!) It's been Me... All Me.. My wifey held open a bag a few times .. but ****! How about this .. let's just get this move over and done .. and I can go for a vacation.....  and stop vibrating!

BlueHaze09 BlueHaze09
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Lol well my friend is down tomorrow and he is a huge help.. always full of laughs.. Still more problems with the house... UGH.. but what can I do but roll with it... ~~~~ VIBRATE!~~~~~ LOL

See... My magic wand is in the SHOP! I apologize for any inconvenience... *sighs*<br />
lol, ahhh try a HOT BATH?<br />
<br />
Massage is ALWAYS helpful too... <br />
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