About To Just Give Up.

Trying to get thru college, my second year and everything is upside down. My dad made too much money last year and I got no grand money only student loan money. the 1st dispurment which i planned to use for books went all twords paying for my classes so i dont get my money still for another 2 weeks and finals are May 6th... this is march and I have been costing thru school with no books which is not fun. Dad is doing his best to help me out money wise and i appreciate it, Mom dosent care. All she does when I ask her for help is complane and talk about how she wished I'd find a job. Im going to school full time, money distracts me, i tried working my 1st year, Worked at UPS part time loading trucks, it didnt work out, I almost failed because I was so ingrossed in my work and in makeing money. So im sitting here not sure what im going to do, my GPA is already low and after this semester its going to be at the point where I wont be able to get loan money, im broke, only got about 5 outfits in my closet, hand-me-down shoes, my car needs the oil changed, i need new tires, i NEED books, im reusing a note book from last semester, im going to fail


Im about ready to say **** it, drop out, move back to the ghetto and become a Dope boy, all this effort im putting in school and trying to better myself, i could easily put into slangin cocaine and be makein some money. god ill be glad when im 21 so i can buy my own wisky because i need a drink bad. I got nothin to relieve this constant stress and its killing me, im lost and dont know what to do anymore and i dont wana be flipping burgers all my life, and i sure as hell aint goin back to loading trucks!

Krie Krie
2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Thanks, i might have to give that a try. sounds helpful. ^_^

I totally hear you. I wrote a similar story. I am telling you that the obstacles you are enduring now WILL pay off. Don't take the easy way out..its never worth it in the end. This sounds so silly but my planner has become like a new body part for me lol I write EVERY little thing down on certain days so I don't overwhelm myself, which I tend to do. Accept that you can not get everything done at once.For ex do hw on Mondays, laundry on Tues and study for tests on Wed. Do not forget to give yourself time to just be....good luck