Tired And Need A Boost

I am finally graduating with my Master's this May. Great, right? Yes. However, I am student teaching and working full time. My days run a bit longer than 16 hours and I just feel so overwhelmed. My patience for people is dwindling which is not so good as I work with people all day. My job can be difficult at times. I work with people with DD and psych disorders so it it not unusual for me to get hit or have my hair pulled on a shift. Furthermore, I get home at 11 pm and am so wired I can't get to sleep at a decent hour which just leaves me tired again for the next day. I have one day off and I try to fit in everything which at this point is just impossible. Socialize? I don't have the stamina for that. I don't think anyone truely understands how hard this is for me right now. I am so greatful to have a job and to be graduating but I have been working so hard to support myself and reach my goals for soooo long. Also, it would be really nice to meet someone special that I could share my life with. I would love some moral support right now and although I get it from family, I still sleep alone every night which at times like these, can be depressing. I wonder sometimes if there are any good men out there. Thanks for the vent.

lifegoezon21 lifegoezon21
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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

congratz and good luck