As The Title Above Says Sressed Out Over Drug Addict And Care Giving Duties

I am thirty three and am living with and caring for my eighty two year old grandma mainly on my own. I love her deeply but some days it is just to much. I am not one to go out much but now it seems i never get to go out with out a timelimit and that is very seldom. She is mostly blind so i do all the cooking and cleaning. I admit i am not a clean person but i am trying but the pressure to keep it like she demands is getting to me.

On top of all of this I have a brother twenty seven who is a drug addict and alchoholic and is constantly pushing everyones buttons. He stays for the most parents. There is not mutch we can do with him he has went too thirrteen rehabs in the last fifteen years. We kick him out and he always ends up coming back. the law is useless they told us to get a restraining order and when we did a few years back they came and threatened to arrest us for letting him on the property.

this all dose not help my dad who is a vietnam vet and has bad ptsd he gets all stressed out and it scares me. He is getting help from veterans but i dont know if it will ever help unless something changes with my brother. My mom tries to handle and understand all of this but she is so stressed that I am starting to wonder how much more she can take.

i try to hadle both houses and help and understand it all but feel like i am going to lose it soon. I need someone to talk to who wont judge or put me down like my family dose. I hope i find that here

thenewestdaughter thenewestdaughter
36-40, F
May 4, 2012