I Want to Trust God

In March I started having major panic attacks and then started being really depressed. At first I thought it was just PPD from having my second child and after I was put on Lexapro and I started getting worse, I sought help at my church. I meet with a lady once a week and been since April 30. I have found that I don't trust God because of my fear of being abadon since my life has been one world-wind after the other. Since I have started my sessions I am seeing some progress and God has shown me that he is here and that is patiently waiting for me. I am begging to see his plan and path for me and I am realising that he has not forsaken me. My quest for Spirtuial enlightment is showing me the path that God has laid out for me! It is truly amazing to see the power he has and the HOPE that he can give !

RotRosha RotRosha
26-30, F
7 Responses May 31, 2007

I truley understand what you are saying I worship YAH and along wiith being spiritually awaken makes the worship like nothing I had ever experienced I strive for it everyday.

Praying is a great way to stay connected to God, the more I put my prayers out to the universe the more I feel the answers to the journey I should take are shown to me.

I wish you all the joy and sun shine one can wish . <br />
with time you will see that every thing work as it was ment to work . try to enjoy the little things in life and not to think about the havey and hard staff ,,,,they will allways be there no matter if we belive in God or not . just think happy happy happy and happy will came your way . all my love to you jo

You go girl.

You will see Gods plan for you when you are least expecting it! I am a FULL BELIEVER in God! If it wasn't for God my brother would be dead. He has has many things happen 2 him and people can't believe he is still on this earth!

I am trying to do the same thing. I have been so far away from my spiritual path for so long now. I have not been to church in years and I am finally going to go this Sunday with my neighbors to their church.