Enlightenment and Karma

I searched many years - many people think that they can attain spiritual enlightenment in this lifetime. If that was the case then there would be millions of Buddhas.

I've learned that to have enlightenment means to be a Buddha, and a Buddha comes just once every few thousand years, the last one being Shakyamuni Buddha. So you cannot attain enlightenment in this lifetime.

I've learned from Tathagata www.tathagata.co.uk  that Enlightenment is not attained by "practising" things like meditation, or chanting or bowing to statues etc.. you cannot become enlightened just by practising things,, again if this was the case then millions of people will have attained enlightenment.

The way to enlightenment is by doing good and not doing bad throughout many lives. This is the universal law of karma.

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I think those who are enlightened do not or are unwilling to come forward saying that they are enlightened (or PROVE that they are enlightened) because that would be too easy. I don't think you would even be able to reach the state of enlightenment if you were concerned about making people believe that you are.

You have misunderstood the law of Karma. And Karma can be balanced. Karma does not care HOW it is balanced but if you atone for your wrong doings and accept your Karma gracefully then the ties CAN be broken. THAT is the law of Karma. Truly understand that even though you cannot remember what you have done to deserve your tribulations, you have done SOMETHING in SOME life that caused you to deserve it and once you can willingly and almost "submissively" understand that, and do one or more acts of atonement then your karma is balanced!!

Also, it IS possible to achieve enlightenment in this lifetime, and no you don't have to be "Buddha" in fact religion has nothing to do with being enlightened. Religion might have to do with your PATH to enlightenment, but has nothing to do with the actual outcome. I'm sorry that you have thought otherwise.

Hope this comment helps you understand better.

Enlightenment sounds good theoretically, but personally, I don't think it works that way in practical application. <br />
I have done good to and for people all my life and I have been made the black sheep of the family, ostracised at school, rebuffed and dislocated from work and ignored by co-workers, rebuked at church and hated by those more wealthy. <br />
Many people are immature, and they will stay immature. They hurt people no matter how much they have because they can not handle titles, money or responsibility. They are so self-absorbed and it shows in their demeanor because they are fearful, inadequate and ridiculously evil.

dear enlightenment,<br />
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Our natural state is enlightenment ie why we humans suffer, U may see nature and find urself that they do not suffer like humans, The animals and plants are contented in themselves since they do not have the problems of the sufferings we face.<br />
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The sufferings of us is of ego. "I" am always tied to the ego. "I" am an indian, "I" am vegetarian, "I" am so and so, "I" am enlightened, "I" know that we cannot become Buddha etc., all are these of ego. When the ego I disappears what is left is nothing but the supreme. Ego cannot understand Buddha. Buddha can be understood only by a Buddha. ie the problem.