How A Teaching Can Happen...

I have been "Striving for Spiritual Enlightenment" for some time, and there has been times that I have been hungry as a wolf for it or just ignored the whole thing, and tried to forget about it. Of course both ways are just the opposite ends of the ever-waving pendlum. I have met  a teacher, and a teaching, that just happens. Like life does. It was almost five years ago I met Dave the first time, and I thought, that he was just reminding me the things, that I already knew.

But ain't that just the thing! Remembering who we are! It's simple. But life can be complex enough to fade these simple truths away from sight, but not from being. A real teacher is not there to answer all your stupid questions, which are irrelevant anyway, but he/she is a living reminder of who you also really are and can help you drop your confused ideas. "Samsara", the wheel of life, is a circle, which repeats itself, and your lucky, if you can jump out while your in the thick of it. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to have some aid and guidance from a guy from the "other shore", someone who has actually made the journey.

How to judge who's real and who's not? That's a tough cookie. But I say let the results in your own experience guide you. If you get nothing, there's maybe nothing for you. But if you don't taste the apple, you will never now it's flavour.

If you're interested go to one of the following pages, if not, my blessings anyway!

PanuE PanuE
26-30, M
Feb 18, 2010