Well, I thought I could make a friend for once.

I thought I could have some fun.

I thought things were turning around for once,

but evidently life wasn't done

playing its little games on my heart.

I could try and keep holding on

but my hands are growing quite cold

from the grip I've been bearing so tightly

around such an icy cold soul, 

and letting go; it would be just as hard.


I've been stumbling around here lately

trying to find who I am again.

I've lost sight of the road I was walking

Distracted by the promise of light again, 

a light that will always shine from afar.


But this life, it keeps moving forward

And me, I'll just keep moving too

Because in spite of all these twists and these roadblocks

I know what I've been trying to do...

is the best I knew how from the start.
shannonymous shannonymous
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013