Leave You Alone.......i Dont Think So

So I logged on this morning, thinking about my ex. I'm sure he's not missing me but I cant help but to think about him. Everyday, I think about this man and everyday I have to literally fight the urge to call him to see what he is doing. It seem like I am never going to over come my ex-boyfriend. I feel like the only way for this to happen is if I find a rebound, but I don't want to have to go through the same cycle with the next. With my Next, I want to show him I am that woman but I cant do that unless he's committed from the beginning.

I want my ex-boyfriend to be out the picture but he knows I care about him and it's so hard. I want to have that strength that every strong powerful black woman has. I feel like I'm close but with my ex in the picture, it makes it hard for me.
13BenzBee 13BenzBee
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012