And Stubborn As Can Be

 ive recently in the last yr ..  became completely independent where as before ...  i was completely  co dependent .. my new case manager described it as being detached .. and  i  need to find a happy medium between the two but ya know what i like being  detached ... It may not be healthy .. but it keeps me from flippin  the script everyday when i dont hear from some one or something isnt going the way i think it should be . i would rather be  detached that completely attached .  because  i now know the only person  that is never gonna leave me is  well God and myself  its kinda like foxy brown said  love thyself and  no one above the cause aint nobody gon love  me like me . and its the truth  no man will ever rule my world  again  and make me feel like im gonna die with out them  i know ive said that about Jake  but now that im actually in the situation that i could lose him  it is not gonna make or break me when he wants to talk to me he knows where to find me  im not gonna trip over no man  i wouldnt even think to give someone that satisfaction anymore .  im better than that .
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you go, girl!!!