I've lost over a hundred and twenty pounds,stopped biting my nails and started some healthy habits (Flossing amongst others.)All within one year through willpower.
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i have lost 40 puonds in thepast year..i havent been this small in 10 yrs! i never exercised in a dayin mylife before,! i have my self esteem back and the personality like i used too!(: i hardy eat junk food anymore! looking back.i NEVER thought ina million years i would be like this! did you stop biting yournails??, i have let them grow out i have tried putting tape around each of my fingers cuz i figured that might finally break the habit....arghhhh........but its really uncomfortable and i cant walk around like that and it falls also clear nail polish!...but its just not long before i bite them ithought the tape thing was REALLY good idae a<br />

You rock. That is one of the most incredible things I have heard in awhile. Congratulations on being awesome!<br />
<br />
How'd you stop biting my nails? I ond't bite, I pick...but I can't seem to stop. It's like an OCD thing. Advice?

thats quite impressive. <br />
when i was 16, i also did a slew of things like that at once, but have lacked willpower with all other habits ever since.