Im Not That Blonde!! :o


Who ever said that you have to be a friggin brainyach to be smart! Sure..would be cool to do long division in my head..

then be a nerd..eeek!

Ok so..lots of people think im not as smart as iam..some even have out me down so much that part of my self esteme has been swollen with hurt for some time..

but i dont let it get me down..
so what..?
Im not always the sharpest tool in the shed! Dont mean im a retard..
I forget alot of things.. mainly cos ive been under stress and keep thinking about all the bad stuff people may have to say about me..
but im stronger now, and am slowly but progressively getting my self esteme back!

But anyways..
due to the fact im short.. 5.1 (153cm if im right) some people have said i should go work for Santa in his shop..up in the north pole >_<
some have even said "Oh sorry..didnt see you there" >_<;

They dont know the full power of being a shorty!
I can fit into small places..lets see if a bigger person can!
I also help myself with Yoga so iam pretty flexible..

I can easily move around..agility is one key factor i have, maybe has something to do with aro-dynamics? lol

I can do alot of things that most girls go eeeew at..
I like snakes..which is wierd i know..i just love how they have addapted..and how they are a close resemblence to the dinosaurs and stuff..
i dont like bugs though O_O especialy spdres and **** roaches i find them so  yuck and grose *shivers* baggghhh.

But i dont go round screaming everytime i see one..just dont like them around me..

Iam mainly strong cos iam not like my mother, or anyone else that ive known for a family..who are weak and dont push themselves to what they realy want in life..

Im also good at fixing things..
mainly just support for anyone who feels low, and ill try my best to help love to be stronger and smarter even more..

but if i do get there goes the neighbourhood lol!!

Ive had set backs in my life..but now im going to set my own life up, so its good for me, in every way shape or form!
Natz Natz
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 8, 2007

Go girl!

You sound like you have a great attitude!