If It Wasnt For My Past

If it wasnt for my past i wouldnt have my present, if it wasnt for my past i wouldnt have set forth to set goals and reach forth for such a high future, and if it wasnt for my past i wouldnt be this strong, its the past that has made me and at times brake me, but in the end there are no regrets only mistakes, because if you regret something you wished upon that it never happened, no doubt there are things in my life i would give anything to go back and change but obviously i cant and deep down no matter how bad i would want to change even given the oppertunity i truly dont know if i would, cause even know how bad it hurt, even though i may have cried at that part, or did things i most likely shouldnt have, if it wasnt for that happening i wouldnt have learned, i wouldnt have known what not to do, and or what could i have done better, but now through thick and thin it doesnt matter how full my plate is ill always find a way to build a bigger fork and clear room in my stomach, not everything in my past im proud of, but if i was proud of anything it would be that i became a survivor and not a victim, no matter how bad it was even at its worst no more will i ever be a victim, i will be a survivor even if it kills me, my strength has come from nothing but misery and pain and now i give myself strength to not let misery and pain even come across my mind, lifes still a **** hole for me and thats another story, but no matter what, even when i say it and want to i cant give up i love my self, i love others, and i just plain love, the words hate will playfully run through my lips but never will it be meant, i dont know the word hate nor do i plan on ever learning it or what it means, the past has made me who i am and now i give back to anything and anyone in the ways i can from the lessons ive learned so maybe one day somone out there doesnt have to EVER go through what ive gone through, been through, and or seen throughout my days, i know i sound like im old but im 17 years old but god it feels like a eternity 
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

Wow you have a great outlook on it all and for some one so young I think that is unusual...guess that makes you really wise in my book! I like the bigger fork...I got to get me one of those cause the plate is always full no matter what I do.