Something A Child Should Never Feel That I Did

im 15 years old, my parents use to fight alot non stop when i was younger i was always afraid and worried someone was gonna get mom was barely home because she worked alot my dad stopped working when i was in 4th grade and stayed home all the time drinking and was always next door with his drinker buddies.i was in the beging of fourth grade when he strarted physically and emotionally abusing me and my 2 siblings.i went to schooll evryday bruised and beaten.i didnt understand and i was afraid because i was daddys girl i thought he loved me...he would take his anger on who ever was near him. one day my brother stood up to him when he was abusing my mom and he took a heavy blow.when i was in the middle of fourth grade is when he started sexually abusing me and my liltte sister..i rember one sepptember day i went to the hospital because i was bleeding so bad and if my mom would have waited 5 more minutes i would have been dead and thats where it was ended he is in prison and not out till im 21 or so.
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