Breast Cancer

Lately my family has had various run-ins with breast cancer. My paternal grandma got it in 2008 and luckily recovered. She was always expected to overcome it, the odds were in her favour. However, this didn't stop this first brush with potential fate shaking me a bit.

It shook me even more when at the end of 2008 my mum contracted it. I was 12. Her hair fell out, she was sick all the time, people treated me differently because of it. Sometimes I felt like crying until it was all over, or hiding underneath my bedcovers until I found out what was eventually going to happen. She had operations, chemotherapy then radiotherapy and fortunately is still with us today.

After finding out yesterday that my other grandma has it - who knows whats going to happen. Will we be lucky for a third time.. I hate thinking that but your brain conjures thoughts you can't stop. I hate the fact that she will have to go through everything mum did, and it all become more real to me when I saw my mum crying and trying to hide it.

It's not good luck for my family. After she had viral hepititis last year, her husband had prostate cancer, my uncle and aunty split up, my mum had cancer and my aunty nearly died from a blood clot in her lung I realised - life isn't fair, you have to take what you're given and do what you can with it. Sure, I find it unfair that some of my friends have never had anybody in their family fall sick and their lives seem perfect. But I can't let that get me down, because I feel stronger because all that I've been through.
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I see your problems. Every problem has it solution. Disease cannot live in a healthy mind & body. Have you watched the Secret? <br />
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