I'm Stronger :)

I'm a stronger person for all the heartache. I'm wiser for the not so great decisions i have made. I'm gonna make it, it wont stop me, it slow me down for a bit but not stop me. I know sometimes we have to go through heartache and sadness to make us stronger. Into the people we should be, I believe that anyways.I'm sure we have all been through headache or sadness or something and e wish it could have been differently but it didn't this is how the cards were dealt. i wish some things never happened to me but i cant change it. Just accept that i'm stronger for what i have been through and accept i cant change it. :)
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You are so right, that we can't change the past, but we can learn from it. You sound like you have studied the Serenity Prayer, and you do have the wisdom to know the difference. Maybe it's time to put a patch on Teddy

What a sweet and wise young lady you are and certainly have the right attitude to get you to the next level in your life. Beautifull smile by your proffile pic and you keep going the way you are and you will go far.

very true. It all makes us stronger for going through it all.in the end. You can look back see how much stronger it has made you. in the time it is not fun.But it makes you stronger and appreicate the all the small things.

Very well put. You really can't appreciate the joys of life without experiencing the disappointments, pain, and defeats. It's just when you're experiencing the lows, it's hard to believe you'll ever make it back to the top. But somehow, we are all survivors and come up out of it, stronger and with a better appreciation for this thing we call life. Good luck and thanks for sharing!


Yes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Keep on rocking!

yes i agree. sometimes easier said than done

Yes, we must learn from all that has happened and try our best not to make the same mistakes again .. easier said than done of course :(