Life's Struggles

I ran into an old friend that I hadn't seen in a long time.  We sat down and had coffee and a conversation.  We were getting caught up on each others' lives.  We talked about the paths our lives had taken and how we managed the curves that life throws at us.  Marriage, divorce, death of parents, family, new relationships, children, jobs, etc.

She said,"Wilde, you always had you stuff together.  I always admired you for that.  I wish I was as strong as you."

I said, "I'm not as strong as you think I am.  I've had some very bad things thrown my way.  I feel pain just like everybody else.  Things do upset me but I believe it is how you handle the hurt that determines if you will be damaged by it or be made stronger and wiser because of it."

I could tell she kind of got it but also kind of didn't.  She said she understood it but still seemed perplexed by it.

Time was running short and we said our goodbyes.

I thought about our conversation and found this YouTube video and sent it to her.

Within 15 minutes of me sending it to her, I got a call from her crying saying that she understood it and was happy that I sent it.  I told her that she would get through the curve that life was throwing her way (divorce).  I believe she is a fighter.

I figured that I would share the video with my EP friends that I shared with her.

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Hi I read this and thought of me and the experiences I have had over the last ten years. I was tough, I to weak, I got tough again, then I got weak, I got tough again and so it went on. I doubted myself, I trusted myself and I got a whole load of people involved, friends and family, professionals to give me reassurance because I felt vulnerable and alone. We are learning every day about ourselves and the thing is to carry those lessons we learn along with us because we still need them throughout our lives. <br />
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The video reminded me of me at various stages and the need to sustain that belief in myself.

Thank you for sharing this. I know someone who needs this kind of boost tonight.

I'm glad it helped.

Hi Wilde; I love your story; <br />
<br />
your quote: <br />
<br />
"it is how you handle the hurt that determines if you will be damaged by it or be made stronger and wiser because of it."<br />
<br />
Priceless! So true!!! We are made STRONGER by what we determine to go through and GET through in some cases. <br />
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Handling hurt is something that most people seem to shun or turn or RUN away from (denial) but it is THAT HURT that can show us where we need the healing the most. <br />
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Hugs and thanks for such a wonderful story!!!

Thank you for this story. It took me so many years to figure this out.

Thank you for posting the story and the video. I love that you are a fighter.

life is not fair. we learn from our mistakes . we open doors we need to closes now. we give people the right to hurt us . God give us power, love and peace of mind to go on.. move forward to better things , a new love , a fresh start, fine your self again, become your best friend .. no fear brave

It has taken many years and countless experiences to break away from the shackles of a life fraught with possession and dominating influences ,but to taste and feel and savor my new found independance, It is the most beautiful, up lifting feeling in the world. There is no turning back, from this point....................the words I despaired of ever uttering 'I am now my own person' !

How inspiring; it took my breath away "andromeda". *smile/happy tear*

what a great message to send. Thanks for sharing with us, too.

Thank you.