You got my back?

So I'm running through this field, trailing behind my group as they are growing smaller and smaller. Another Battle PT session. I struggled with my lacking ability to run as fast as my peers. My peers who did no training for this, the ones with the long legs and the athletic figures. Whereas me with my smaller build had troubles lifting my heavy feet off the ground as my massive boots weighed me down.
So I go to the gym and max out on push ups and sit ups. I ran around the college every night until my shins started to ache and I was told I was over training which made me develop fractures on my shins.
People still make comments that I don't do anything for myself - but that just p*sses me off.
I mean it really p*sses me off.
I can do stuff for myself, thanks, but I don't need your help.
Who are you to tell me that I am not better than you?
I will get stronger and then I'll show you.
LeadmyLife4me LeadmyLife4me
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2012