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I Think I Am

In my life, I've been through a few things that have distinctly changed me while at the same time I got older. When I was younger, I was felt a bit of a disconnect with my family like no one could understand me and they never took the time to ask. This led to a lot of rifts involving somewhat physical altercations between family members. I held on to a lot of hate for a long time, a lot of resentment towards my family. For the longest time, I couldn't wait until the day that I could move away on my own and seek some much needed therapy. Things changed in July 2006, when I had brain surgery. I think it's so strange that people only express how much they love or care when you are near death. Anyways fast forward to today, I don't have any hate or resentment towards my family, but I just feel like I want to live for myself. I want to accomplish the goals and dreams that I set out for myself. I've been through a lot with my family and in terms of my own health and it makes me understand how life is rich to waste. Although, it sounds selfish, I really feel like putting my happiness first and that still involves moving away.
Bloo Bloo 22-25, F 1 Response Feb 26, 2012

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People who really love us would always want us to put our own happiness first. It should make them feel happy that you are happy :)