Standing Up To Say No More

I fell in love with this guy really fast. I got pregnant a month after we were together. After a yr and a half of fighting and him cheating on me I finally stood up to him and ended it for good. After all the physical, mental, and sexualy abuse, I was finally standing up for myself and my daughter. He refused to let me have the last say in our relationship and threatened to beat the **** out of me and leave me in the country. And the next day he rapes me in my bed while our daughter is asleep in the other room. It was the longest weekend of my life. Monday morning I got an emergency protective order put on him. He took all my money from my bank. I literally had to pick up all the pieces and get my life back on track for my daughter. She is the reason I found the strength to stand up to him no matter his threats on my life. He doesn't ask to see his daughter and didn't even fight for custody. I know God was on my side.
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I am so sorry you have had such a bad experience. I went through something very similar at the age of 16, but I got smart and got out while I was still pregnant. The only interest he had in my son was to try to have control over me. I was smart though, as I did not and would not list him as the father on the birth certificate. When the register ask me who the father was, I looked her in the eye, ans said that I didn't know. Yes, it made me feel like a cheap ho, but hey, my reputation wasn't as important as keeping my son and myself safe and away from him. My son is 23 now, and he was raised by a wonderful father, and together my husband and I have a younger son, now 21, and I don't regret what I did to keep the psychotic ex out of my sons life. I hope that all goes well for you, a bit of friendly advce from some one who has been where you are, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS AT ALL TIMES, AND DO NOT GO ANY WHERE ALONE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT !! MORE THAN LIKELY HE WON'T GIVE UP EASY, they tell you that they won't do it again, that they have changed, how sorry that they are, it's all lies to get you back, and the next time you might not be as fortunate as you were this time to gt away. <br />
Good Luck, I am proud of you for making the hard decision to leave and start over, that takes courage. You will be okay, and your child will also have a better future now.

Well I recently found out that he moved to Missouri with his girlfriend and their 2 boys. I 'm glad hes a long ways away so when I finish school I can move far away where his friends and family can't keep an eye on me. I really don't have many friends in my town so I always have to do things alone. But I pack a good knife in my purse...

Good for you you have your daughter to think about ,so go forward with head heald high and if you need a friend you have one.

So sad sorry to hear he done that to glad your getting stronger and hope your ok and your daughter.

yeah I'm going back to school in the fall and my daughter is so happy now. Theres no fighting anymore and she senses the change

That s so good that your doing somethin now.and your daughter will be so more happy now your away from that beast.and one day you will meet someone who will give you and your daughter love.wear not all the same some men like me no how to treat girls x

For awhile I did hate guys and actually distanted myself from guys. Now I just tell myself that not all guys are like that. I know believe there are some really good guys in this world, they just don't live in my town.