Stronger But Find It Harder To Love

I've been through some hard times in my life as told by the stories posted already.

Through those times I have always had something positive going on, usually my education. When bad things happened to me, I just worked harder on the positive things to offset the bad. This has given me an education which will be valuable in years to come whilst the hard times have ebbed away. It has also made me a stronger person.

But I feel I have payed a price. Because people I love or cared for have hurt me during my life, I am now more cautious and sceptical about people. Maybe I loved too easily in the past and now love the appropriate amount. I'm hoping this is the case.

I just hope when good people come into my life I can love them enough. I feel I do this more or less now but I think time will be the best judge of this.
MichaelJad MichaelJad 22-25, M 8 Responses Aug 23, 2012

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Well said.

You're going to be okay

Thanks. I'm sure I will be

Take life as you find it ,you are the only one who knows what way you want to go be a cork and float never sink like others I wish you well on the road to life take care live like you have never lived before

Thanks :)

same.more careful.

i feel the same way.. just be strong and be positive in life no matter what.. life is too short to hold back ^___________^ me..... my Father he's suffering from aneurysm..

Yea, it's a great attitude to take to life :)

Sorry to hear about your dad, how bad is it?

yup, it's better to move forward than think of the past.. my Father he's out in the ICU now.. we're preparing for his for his 2nd brain surgery.. we're positive that everything will be fine..

Ah, ok :/

Yea, I hope everything goes well for him :)

Stay positive and it'll all be ok

u too.. tnx

No probs :)

he died... :(

Awwww :(( I'm so sorry to hear this :(((( How have you been coping with the loss?

i'm still moving on.. he died after 3days the last time we chatted here.. i haven't seen him for more than 2 years and he's waiting for me to come home but too late now .. :'(

Ahh, okay :(( I'm really sorry to hear that he died so soon after our last talk :(( Try not to worry too much about not being able to see him before he died. The main thing is that you were thinking strongly about him. I'm sure your dad would have wanted you to be happy so try your best to move on and never let the good memories of him escape your mind.

thank u for encouraging me.. i still can't believe i have no Father now.. that's life.. i have to accept it.. thanks again..

No problem. Always happy to help.. yea it's very sad that this happened ... yea unfortunately ... I'm glad you realize this.. No probs

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I know exactly how you feel. I am going through the same thing and distractions (for me) work the best. Good luck :)


Good luck to you too :)


No probs :)

don't let anyone make you down , stay strong , I'll be always there for you :)

Thanks :)

No Need :)

Hey mike,hope you well today.Totally relate with you.Personally am one of those people who is loyal and value relationships of all kinds.Most of the times i have been on the losing side and so had to pay the price of having loved so much...This has made me be cautious and to use wisdom so that in case of anything i don't end up miserable and depressed.But yet again,i still love and my prayer to God has been that He shows me how to love,just as He loved us.And that whatever happens He still strengthens me.

Yea I think wisdom and good common sense are key in relationships.

Of course these are developed over time and i think sometimes we need to know what good and bad love is before we know what to look for.