I'm Starting Over. Out With The Old, In With The New:)

i have recently been cutting ties with all the negative, drama seekers in my life. now you would think that i must feel really lonely but to my surprise i feel wonderful!!!:D i guess evil people are just draining and although keeping them in your life gives the illusion of "having friends" it's just an illusion. it's more like sleeping with the enemy. you can't be at peace with them around so you always have your guard up. that's how i feel when i keep fake friends in my life. i am constantly on the look out, paranoid. so today i had another spring cleaning day. i deleted and blocked a few people from my fb page. i had doubts but i reminded myself that i had done this before to other people and hadn't regreted it. infact i felt great after. change is always frightning but once i took that step i felt light as a feather:)

i do wonder why do things like this keep happening. am i too giving? do they mistake my kindness and generousity for weakness and desperation? perhaps...
i don't like to be mean. i don't like to play mind games. maybe God is putting people like this in my path so i could learn to only trust him and not rely on no other person for emotional support, maybe i have to go through this so i can learn to be emotionally stronger, independant, and only give my trust to my creator, and never put no one before him. so far that's what i've learned to do.

i'm not as dependent on others when it comes to emotional support. i have grown spiritually so much ever since i started cutting negative people out of my life for the sake of peace. still i hope to one day meet people like myself and befriend them.

sometimes i think that God offers us advice through nature. like how a catepillar changes from ugly to beautiful it's alot like how children who are ugly tend to blossom into beautiful adults. or how the snake must shed it's skin to get new skin and look like new as if it were saying inorder to make room for the new you must get rid of the old. or like the ant and how it's hard work pays off, that's how life is. people who work hard enjoy the fruit of their labor, people who are lazy don't:/

i do want to make new friends but for now i have to learn to be my own friend and so far i think i've done a good job. It's not always easy. i feel attacked by those i cut off. they don't take their ego being bruised my little ol me very lightly. they parnk call me, give me dirty looks in the street, and gossip but they did that before when we were "friends" so it's really no different;) lol

out with the old, in with the new:) i can do this, i can overcome this. alls i need is my faith in God and in myself and i will be better off in the end. it'll all be worth it.
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thanks for writing this unfortnately I think everyone goes through this I am and I am 42 years old the friends I have aren't really friends and family is like that too. I guess you have to find it in yourself through education and a strong self belief

your welcome ad thank you for reading my story :) I agree we all go through this. I have problems with my family too but have managed to detach emotionally from them so their actions don't hurt me anymore as they make me laugh now. and as for friends, I have none but i'm ok with it, I think I would feel more lonely if had frenemies

you are so right thank you for posting this

welcome xoxo


welcome:) xoxo

Well said. They were not your friends in the first place!!!!

Family and friends are doing my head in the now, im happily getting on with my life and they all bicker amoungst themself and fall out with each other then when they have got bored with each other its my turn, this has been going on for many years and im staying away from them iv more important things to be getting on with,im even thinking of moving further away yet again to be well away from the lot of them and i will be taking my mother with me they dont know this.

that's good 8pop. sometimes distance is what's best. staying away from them is the only way to regain peace in your life. sad but true. best wishes to u xoxo

Hi I enjoyed reading your story. I feel very low today because of someone mean and disgustingly rude. I don't quite know how to handle my emotions right now.<br />
I just want to give up today, but I won't because I have two daughters that I love and care so deeply about. Hope you have a better day than I am having. : ( very sad

it's hard to combat those seeds of sadness that others plant in us but we all must try our best to stay above those influences and not let others dictate how we feel. i know it's hard but we can do it!!!:) best wishes to you and thnx for liking my storyxoxo