Tribute To My Wife Who Passed Away On 16th May 2012.

I am going to pay tribute to my beautiful wife and mother of our Daughter and Son. I feel truly lucky and blessed to have found my wife. The moment I got married to her 27 years ago, I knew there was something about her that was special and unique. There was just something about the way she carried herself, the way she looked, and the way she interacted with others which eventually turn into the biggest change in my life. Over the years, she has become the foundation in my life, the person who keeps me on track and the person who drives and supports me. Wherever I may be in life, whatever decision I may be grappling with, she is there to support me and drive me forward. She gets me to just do it, get on with life, and not let things drag me down. She reminds me what life is all about; namely family, and that nothing else really matters. Without her, I think it is safe to say, I would still be floundering along. And as our Daughter and son grows, I know that she will become the best mother she can be, helping them to grow and mature and eventually find out who they are. She is grounded in her life, in touch with reality, and full of vivacity and love.

My wife had a very positive impact on almost everyone she interacts with. As a professional, she gave everything she has to her job, her staff, and to helping them grow. With that said, she was still able to come home and give everything she had around the house. Her impact on others is astounding and the only thing I hear from other people about her is praise and amazement at how wonderful a person she is. While she may get frustrated and angry from time to time, she never lashes out at others or demeans them in any way. She simply walks away and deals with them later on better terms. Myself on the other hand, I have been known to lash out and have learned a lot simply from observing my wife. I learned from her all the time despite the fact that she doesn't know she is teaching me as well. She was driven to be the best person she could possibly be, whether it is in her work, her teaching, or her relationships; she was constantly looking to improve things. When it comes to our Daughter and son, there was not a moment when she doesn't act with love towards them. If I do try and find things wrong from time to time, it is simply out of my inability to accept her for who she was.

Having interacted with many people over my life, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have dealt with people who have it all and those who have nothing. Out of all the people I have ever dealt with, there is not one who could possibly outshine my wife. Obviously I am biased, but I truly feel like my wife was and is a shining star and I am just along for the ride, helping where I can and learning along the way. I know that I don't thank her enough for what she does, but I try. Her friends,staff's and colleagues are blessed to have such a wonderful companion to guide them and help them grow. She is an inspiration, many times without even knowing it. She is humble and loving, asking for nothing yet giving everything. There could be no better role model for her colleagues or our Daughter and son. Even over the years that I have known her, I have seen her grow exponentially, become grounded in life, and help to change all those around her. As I mentioned before, I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for my wife. I am truly blessed to be her husband and in my life and am thankful every day that I get to wake up assuming she is still next to me.

Arudra Arudra
Sep 6, 2012