Father Issues?

I havent really seen my father since I was 7, but when I did see him, it was the greatest weeks of my life. But after not seeing him for 5 years, I saw him for the first time over this summer, and he's just not as appealing, he doesnt seem as fun as I remember, and he doesnt seem to care as much as I remember.

Where did the times go? I remember a father who used to go swimming with me in the pool, go on bike rides, and take me to the state fair. Everywhere we went together, we both had a smile on our face. From the pranks we pulled on friends, to the nights where we just sat and talked. Where did they go?

I remember over the summer that we were sitting down, and i asked him, "what happened?" His answer was "Cody, I know I wasnt there when you needed me, and I know I wasnt there when you wanted me to be, but I cant do everything you want me to do." After hearing this, I was hurt, majorly. Here was the man I idolized as a child, the man who I havent seen for 5 years, the man who wasnt there when I needed him while he was gone. And after hearing this, I learned the truth, he never really grew up...

He was still the child his mother woke up in the morning, the child that has his mother make his lunches. He never really saw how much I needed him, how much him leaving effected me. He never saw how much I wanted to make it work. I went to see him this summer with hopes of connecting with him again, but I knew what he was like, and I still thought he would be different for me. I was wrong, so very, very, wrong.

Moral of the story, people can change, but just because they can change, doesnt mean they will. And it doesnt mean that they will change in a positive way.
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Dec 4, 2012