Not So Innocent

When people see me, they see a good goofy goober thats always been the "good kid". Why is that? Im far from it. Just because people think they know me, doesnt mean they actually know me.

My friends have known me since 3rd grade, and I dont know what happened, but everyone thought I was a good kid, people still believe it. But the sad thing is, I do a lot of things that people would disown me if they found out. My mom for one would hang me. I've shopped lifted before, and not a piece of candy, or some little toy. Ive done drugs, and I was always at the police station with suspicion of something. So where does this good kid thing come from?

I know im not perfect, but do people just not want to believe that someone like me could actually do stuff like that? It's upsetting, not the fact that people dont know who I actually am. But the fact that the world only believes what it wants to be, It hides the truth from itself. Why hide from it? Its something I did and we, well I, need to learn from it. I could never believe that people would want to view me as a good kid, when I might just hurt them.
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Dec 4, 2012