The Sweet Hero

Naturally, i dont expect *anyone* to read this or any of the followon stories that ensue. Isnt that cute? *She* was the one who influenced me to use little asterisks to represent emphasis. The one that i love, i mean. I met her onlya bit over three months ago. Our relationship began with me cheating on my girlfriend with her in late september. Neither of us are good at remembering dates. Before i go further, i need to talk about her. She is, wirhout exception, within the top three most intelsligent people ive ever met in my life. Those others being devin atkinson and my dad. She is beautiful at school. So composed and different. When she takes off her glasses and curls up next to me, shes mindblowingly gorgeous I cant take my eyes off of her, or my hands. He short hair, her petite body, her soft skin on her face. How she fits perfectly into my arms. How sparks fly whenwe kiss. She had been so much in her lifetime. More than most, and more than she cares o admit.i do sometimes wish i had a time machine, to go back in time and sweep her off her feet like the sweet hero she tells me i am. At the same time, i dont. Everything she has been through makes all of her, the girl i fell in love with. Should i somehow return to the past and make her fall in love with me, it would be through naught but lies and deceit if i find she is not the alyssa i love. I would be no different than my predecessors. I have lost my train of thought since last night. Therefore, I will part with these few words. I'm so happy she is alive and with me. I love her very much. I always will.
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I love you <3 so much.