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50 Unpleasant Things (Story 31-)

1) My mother was a paranoid schizophrenic nearly all my life (scary)
2) My father was a drug addict and dealer
3) My father spanked me for not kissing him once (yeah, that's really going to happen NOW- keep dreaming. still didn't kiss him on the cheek)
4) My father became absent from my life at 6 years old and I didn't i Know if he was dead or alive
5) Was picked on at School but couldn't tell my mother because of her sickness
6) Mother was in and out of hospitals
7) My sister and I were unsupervised
8) Stung by a bee at recess
9) Hit by a door and teeth were broken, Saw a dentist
10) Peed my Pants Once both in 1st and 3rd grade
11) My 4th grade Teacher threatened Me with a spanking and I don't know Why
12) kids spoke to Me like I was retarded
because I didnt interact. I looked at Them stupid and waited for them to go away.
13) It was normal for me to have no friends, but That Was fine with me.
14) Was falsely accused of biting another child
15) A bully wanted to fight me and I waited for her to dare try
16) I Was ignored around family and wondered if they'd notice if I was gone
17) Became friends with the bully that hated me because I wouldn't run from a fight.
18) Never been in an actual fight
19) Saw a Counselor for being too quiet
20) Failed the 5th grade
21) Learned the world was going to end
in The 6th grade from global warming and became scared
22) Was Sent to a mental ward and diagnosed with chemical depression
23) Felt too much Stress at home to do homework
24) Finally learned to multiply from my counselor when in the 7th grade
25) Was placed in advanced reading and expected to do an oral book report
26) I didn't read the book and only skimmed the beginning, middle, and end. I got a C on my report. Awesome.
27) Volunteered to help mentally challenged classes, but quit because it was heartbreaking
28) Went on my class trip to Springfield and there was a fire alarm. My roommates cried as I laughed at the situation and we evacuated. Still don't Know what that was about. I think they searched our rooms.
29) Didn't get to go on the class trip to Washington
30) Was in a Car accident and sued for $8,000, mother wouldn't buy me a Computer and spent all the money earned from my injury
31) Sister was horribly irritable and mean.
32) Uncle kicked me down the stairs
33) Teacher Was unreasonable and gave detentions for meaningless reasons and I usually didn't Show up.
34) Skipped the Saturday detentions for not going to detention
35) Suspended for skipping Saturday detentions
36) Took responsibility for my mother and watching her
37) Got myself up and to high school every morning
38) Found my dad at the public library and Started a relationship With him
39) At 16 Was Molested by my mother's boyfriend who'd been my father figure for 10 years and forgot it happened for a year. When I told nothing happened
40) Was speaker at my high school graduation and felt like having a heart attack
41) Sister married an abusive man
42) Paid my sister's rent one month to keep her from moving back with my mother and I.
43) Sister moved in the following month just as mean and controlling as ever
44) Went to mental ward for depression
45) Refused to leave hospital with my Mother Who let my molester continue to live with her and I waited for my real father.
46) Went home and discovered my mother and boyfriend on the floor of the living room naked. I walked back out to my father and left.
47) Switched Which friend I Was living with every week and carried only 2 bags
48) Got a good job on the navy base and kept going home early from anxiety attacks
49) Transferred to a low paying job
50) Met a man at Work at 20 years old and gave him my virginity before marriage. (Finally, we are married)

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