I Wont Go Into Extreme Details...

Ive been through some hellish things.
Most definitely at the hands of other people.
Adults.... when i was a child.

I was treated badly and i had to learn how to just .. live right.
love right.
Be a human.
I was practically an animal.

I turned out so much better than i was. As you would have hoped. And I am Much stronger knowing what i have been through to get where i am. It gives me strength to know that yes, I.. Miss AdriftDreamer was able to make it through things like i was.

And now.. even as an adult, i am still becoming stronger with every bad thing that comes my way. In time you learn to take every bad thing and turn it into a positive lesson. thats all it takes! Mourn what you have to and then convert it to strength.

Maybe I'll be iron woman someday, with my own iron grown skin ;)

ya neeeeever know haha.
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Dec 19, 2012