Thank You Supernatural Strength.

Feeling good. Today at lunch time wrestled some strong guy 2x bigger than I was, he must of weighted 250 pounds, and I weight like 170, the first round he wrestled me, he was on top of me, and his weight kept crushing me, I was to lazy to get him off me, I could of bench pressed him, but that would be a lot of work. So I tapped out not feeling really tired ort sore. Than 5 minutes later i rematched him, and I won. His torso was on my chest area, I managed to get my right arm around his neck, and I just started to constricting him, some sort of head lock I put him. He tapped out, than he was all tired and problee sore, his nose started to bleeding, and I even got his blood on my shirt. I am glad I claimed my victory. And I just finished working out big time, drink a protein shake, and even ate some meat, plus going to cook some plain meat balls, and eat potatoes. mY arms feel sore from my work out, I did bench press, and power cleans. And tonight I'll go to sleep early, couldn't last night cause I was at sea cadets. And this morning, slept in, and I hitch hiked to school cause I missed the bus, and manage to make a little bit of profet today.
Brandon15shawana Brandon15shawana
18-21, M
Jan 8, 2013