One Should Never Forget

I believe that to tell someone to forget about the past is really bad advice. To forget only leads to repeating failed judgements. We shouldn't dwell on the past or live in the past, but we should reflect on it so that past mistakes are not repeated. Even better, be observant with others, see their mistakes and don't make those mistakes in your own life.

I can be overly analytical and get trapped in that complicated web in my head, which is the same as dwelling, so this is a constant struggle of mine. It eventually becomes overwhelming and leads to depression, so I work to keep things in perspective, trying not to live in my head.

I've overcome a lot in my life.  There are many issues I've avoided by observing the mistakes of others. Still I've repeated a lot of my own mistakes, but I try to learn from those errors.

For each mistake I learn from, each element I overcome in my past, and each negative emotion I let go of replacing it with a positive one, makes me a stronger person.
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I believe that this is so true. Thank you because you helped me put my feelings into words.

I can't forget my past; because it keeps following me around. Since I was young I had to put up with so much men and woman who hurt me; but no one is worse than what I'm going through now with this hypocrite nasty pastor that has abused me mentally emotionally and physically:(.

Nothing matters till we decide whats going to be good for us... Forgetting our past never works out.. We need to learn from it... But few memories hurt like hell


Excellent advice! We all have to try and work thru and deal with our pasts but I think it's honestly impossible to totally forget the past.. Learning from it is much better and leads to a better present and future.

Very true and thanks.

Really nice write up Affinity... I agree :) Trying to stamp out the past doesn't make anything better. You are right: just acknowledging it helps us not repeat our mistakes and to approach any happenings with a wiser perspective.

Thank you Rubies.

I agree with you. I've kept a diary all my life and I am going back sometimes, and I think ' "oh how stupid I was'" but it helps not to forget your mistakes. You really learn from your mistakes, but for me the future is what counts. I see each day as a glorious, new, fantastic beginning and I think ' Oh my God how glad I am that I am alive'. You make your own life, and the more you learn, the more you will believe that you are great.

What an outstanding attitude about life.

Sounds like good advice to me. Words to live by.

Thanks :)