In My Past

When I was in elementary school, my father got a job in a different state, leaving my mother, my brother, and me at our home. My brother was a gymnast and my mother had to take him to practice an hour away every day after school... For several years I was always alone and didn't really think my parents liked me.

When I was in 8th grade I started dating guys, and I used to be that girl that always had a boyfriend... I got cheated on a couple of times, but I reasoned it saying that "I rather him go somewhere else and get it if I'm not giving it to him, than him leave me".

My sophomore year, I started dating a guy who I was madly in love with... We dated on and off for a year and a half. He emotionally abused me. I hated myself and still have some self esteem issues because of him. I was actually engaged to him as a sophomore in high school.
(He is now in jail for dealing meth.)

I then dated another guy that I thought I was going to marry. He left me for no reason at all (or none that he has ever told me) the day before our 13 months...

I then met then man who is now my husband. I started dating him and a few months later he left for basic training for the Army, and I went to my first year of college. He missed our one year together. But that is the best way to become strong...

I feel like I have been through a lot, but nothing at all at the same time.
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you say your husband is a solldier. I was too for 13 years. It is a hard carreer to have & keep a family. & my 1st wife was in the Army when we met & fell in love. We married ater she got out, me thinking she knew & understood the ropes of Army life. But she seemed to live in the world of her vollumes of romance novels. I rarely went "out with the boys" but I knew your lonliness sitting at home with her in the same room because to talk or touch was an interruption to her silly books compounded by the fact that she didn't want to act out the steamer parts of them, that was just gross. Marriage isn't a romance novel, it's work. It sux being alone in a crowd. It sux being alone when you're alone. As a truck driver that's a most of my days & nights. I'll be your friend, if it's only ever cyber friend