Life Works Out

Life truly...the universe....nature...just events work out in your favor at all times, truly they do. Pain manifests itself into the craving to express, think of hardship as ammunition for an artist or any type of creator. It's just as if...I don't why but it's how it happens...pain breeds love or hate. No other option. When going through hell and living you either have a desire to spread hate, apathy or spread love, empathy. And pain and hardship breeds passion, the will to survive, to inspire relation. It's a beautiful thing. And art or any type of creation universe, existence expressing itself through us, the beings. We are but a pawn to fate, we are fed from the connection. There's a reason, this is far more complex than any humans can comprehend or even imagine. This can't be explained. I don't feel like a person who has an easy life can't possibly be creative, it simply can't happen. At least not naturally creative...and like everything there is ALWAYS a impeccable balance of yin and yang or whatever you want to address it as...for each time you're ****** you receive something in return. For each supposed curse there is a gift, there is. Sometimes you just can't see it in your particular situation or reality of your life. From your perspective you begin to believe you're worthless which isn't true, that this is a mundane existence. The fact that people judge so severely and that judgement and ignorance is so prevalent is appalling. No one is worthless, not even those who hurt one is worthless. Every existence has an initial purpose in the very beginning , and nature has everything planned but it is when WE, the imperfect humans , not even necessarily us but even our abusers or something, when they make the choice that is interfering with what could have been..EVERYTHING which has happened to you upon birth up until this age has had an immense or minimal impact on you, your thoughts and when you step in or someone else does and interferes with destiny's plan...that is when everything is ****** and by that I mean, we do have leniency and in a sense we do control our lives but only so much. Some things happen and we have no control over that, birth instantaneously can be horrid...there is a dominant force which seems to work against and help us. We are all who we are for a reason. That is why don't EVER judge, no one ever has the right...we don't control everything, not all events transpire with our consent. That is obvious therefore we have no right to judge even if you think they're being dramatic...everyone reacts to things differently. Imbecilic to judge, ignorant...and keep in mind people who derive pleasure from harming someone or themselves or feel the need to don't do it because it's "fun". It is just a ****** part of life...but even they are or once were beautiful individuals with a purpose. A person can only take so much....that's the bottom line. No sense in denying reality. Some of us have ****** lives and we need to voice that once in a while, it's only healthy. Find an outlet.... But seeing as you're alive you are strong, you're not weak, even if you think you're weak...the sheer fact you exist is a tribute yourself.
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Jan 17, 2013