I Wish I Could Say This.

No, I'm not stronger for having endured what I have.  I am weak - desperately, profoundly weak.  And it kind of sucks.

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4 Responses Oct 3, 2008

Weakness is all in the mind..but if you're able to go through each day and surviving all the ordeals that life gives out to you..then, you are not weak. Being weak is being scared to even get up every single day and going through life.

Try, instead of feeling "weak" --- that you're strong. That you can overcome the worst of odds. Feeling "weak" comes from inside --- it's your opinion of yourself. Reverse that equation and tell yourself that you're strong and can accomplish any goal set before you.<br />
I know it's not easy and it's not going to happen overnight --- but you have to change YOUR mind-set about yourself. You don't have to tell the world --- but tell yourself that you're strong. It's called being positive about yourself and your outlook on life. Just try it. I think you'll find that it makes a big difference. Best of luck and love to you, Jim

hi jim,
i appreciate your comment as i know it was made only with intent to be supportive and encouraging.
this comment would be extremely helpful to many people, but also, detrimental to those of us who suffer from any ptsd/ depression/ anxiety/ panic disorder as we cannot nuzt snap out of it.
it is analogous to telling someone in a wheelchair that if they tried, they could walk

Dear Abbey: I, too am agoraphic and suffer from other social phobias, includuding "panic" attacts. So, I've been there --- and still am. I also suffer from depression. Every time I have the "blues", I think of the wonderful song by Timi Yuro called "Smile". You'll find it on "youtyube". And it makes my day brighter and helps me get through what we both have to. Best of luck to you --- love, your friend, JIM.

Sorry for the misspelling: it's "YouTube". Just enter "Smile" Timi Yuro. You'll like it and I hope it brightens up your days. JIM

Yeah yeah same here. In spite of the fact that i have go through a lot of difficult phases, i still feel that i am weak, thinking to myself that i should be stronger after all that i had been through.

Interested in your post but you didn't give us enough info to help.<br />
<br />
What do you mean by "weak"?? Character? Job? Relationship? WHAT?<br />
<br />
Please re-post and elaborate on just what you mean by "weak". Then, we can help. Regards.