I would not be here to write this if I wasn't stronger because of all I've been through.. I've been through some tough times and often thought it was easier to give up. If I had, I would not have two wonderful daughters. I would not have all of the friends I've made, in real life or here on EP. I would not see the sun rise in the morning or set in the evening. I would not have the privelege of seeing the light in my kids eyes when they learn something new, and are proud of it.. I would not have the honor of hearing "mommy, I love you" just because they want to tell me..  I would not have the chance to write this, if I wasn't stronger....

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Life has ways of bringing people togther for many reaosns. In this case i think its for the people that have suffered greatly to help those that have suffered and have become weak due to it. We are here to help those people. Each of us bring a unique quality to this site. I am glad that you are stronger. Each of us will leave something special in anothers life.

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger". I've never believed that more than I do today.

Is that a threat TwoFacedFox?

Oh btw if that is really a picture of you anyone can find out your real identity in around 30 seconds. Just a friendly warning :) The internet is a dangerous place!

grasya... believe in what you want.. go for it... stand up and be strong..

i want to be strong too like you guys...

It really is... some people unfortunately never get that opportunity in life

It's so wonderful when two people share an understanding.

Ahh, Thank you suzzzy... I know just what you are saying, nothing else needs to be described...

Hey girl, This is an interesting post for me. I had a boy friend who was very sheltered from the world and his purity was so beautiful. I'm more like you are, I battled my way through life and have many scars to show for it but am much stronger because of these battles. I wouldn't change things, but every time I looked into his eyes, I envied that beauty. Thanks for the add.

Yes. I too once wanted to be one of those who always seems to never have any pain, hurt or hard times. I have bben through more than what some could ever imagine. A friend once told me, Girl, you could write a Book! I said I Have actually, and so have you. It\"s called Life. There are many Chapters and you cant tear out any pages or chapters, cause whether it\"s good or bad, Its a part of your story and ur Life.

Yes love, I totally agree!

Thank you Josie! ((((HUGS))))<br />
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((((saycheese))))!!!!! I love you!! I know what you mean ; ) lol

(((((Hugs))))) Beautiful. Glad you are here.

Thank you mysteryman! : ) Here's a big hug right back at you!

*wipes tears from Steel's face*<br />
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Sends Big Bear Hug!!

Thank you! : ) You're right.. I can't say that I wrote that dry-eyed but nonetheless, it was from the heart : )