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In essence, it takes a lot to upset me, as I have that basic sense of distrust that things will work out, but am not so sure i can always apply the logic that I am stronger as of what I have been through.

I know that some days one small thought about a random area of my past can turn over and over and then some random meanlingless incident can cause a downward spiral of negative thoughts, surely that is not strength.

Yet, i know that in having gone through many things I have a unique position in my life and that is for a reason, but often question what the reason should be and if i am utilising it correctly.

I am stronger as I am more independent, I am stronger as I know essentially when decisions have to be made, I am stronger as I know life is short enough without prolonging elements that often are non-essential.

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Your post is interesting, but you didn't tell us "what you've been through". Without that --- we would have trouble helping you.

As far as having "negative thoughts" ----- we all have them. Don't let it bother you. I wake up every morning, wondering what "negative thoughts" are going to haunt me. Then ---- I find out that there were none.

So, what else is new? Don't worry about it. Just go about life and learn how to think POSITIVE.

I don't know about you --- but I'd much rather have positive, happy thoughts throughout the day, than to be negative (about everything).

Put a smile on your face --- and think positive. Believe me --- you'll find more happiness and success in this life if you learn how to think positively. And --- you can do it.

Now -- put a smile on your face and think that "this will be a wonderful day". And it will. Regards.

very well written indeed!

very well written indeed!