Been There, Done That, & Lived to Tell About It

I'm going to be very non-chalant about some of the things I've been through in my 31 years of life. Alot of people in my life get really surprised that I can just kind of "state" the things I've been through without any apparent emotion behind it. SO, just know that there is emotion inside of me regarding these things, I don't take them lightly, but I've gone through the necessary therapeutic healing and I have become a stronger and more resilient person as a result.

Because these things have happened, there is a part of me that feels blessed; not that I wanted them to happen, but I was given insight that has helped others who have been through the same things and I've actually had the privilege of helping others.

*molested from age 5-11 by a teenage boy and also by a 60 year old man

*violently (repeatedly) raped on my 14th birthday by a male friend.

*physically (and emotionally) abused by my half sister from birth (literally) until I was 15.

*Verbally, psychologically, and sexually abused in a relationship for 8 years (5 were spent married to him)

*2 attempts on my life by my ex husband. One with a shotgun and the other with a knife to my throat.

*Self injurous behavior from age 14 to present

*Binge drinking heavily from age 14-20

*Smoked pot from age 16-18 and consequently went to treatment and then lock up.

*Addiction to pain killers from age 29-31 and went to rehab

*Hospitalized inpatient for severely lacerating my arms with broken glass on purpose at age 15

*Diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, with depression and anxiety at age 30, spent time in an outpatient program to deal with the PTSD.

*Raped at age 30, after being slipped a date rape drug into a drink at a hotel.


These are the things I can recall off the top of my head. I am a very easy person to talk to and I am here to listen or attempt to give advice or suggestions to anyone who feels the need for it. If you are feeling suicidal, pleasedo not keep it to yourself. Seek help immediately from a professional.

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"You, my dear, are a walking miracle ... and very blessed.
The very fact that you're not bitter and you still seek to enlighten or help someone else shows your strength of character and you seem to have a very genuine desire to share your strength, hope and experience.
Believe me, someone, somewhere, will read your post, and they will need to hear exactly what you covered in your words, and they will/may be powerfully effected and maybe even helped by simply reading it!"

"I personally know a little something about many of the dysfunctional family dynamics you experienced, and my way of processing all that happened was to say, "whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger", but I'm convinced that everything happens for a reason, and our life experiences are vastly more significant than we realize, if only to touch another's soul and let them know they aren't alone in what they go through..."

So please, young lady, continue on your journey, reaching out, and expressing your heart's desire to simply be there for someone else when they need it, and the feeling you'll receive in return will truly be it's own reward."

Best reg,

I give you mad kudos for your courage to face the challenges of life everyday. I know from experience, it's not easy. Sending you a really big hug, because, let's face it... sounds like you need one. :)

You're amazing. If you ever need anyone to talk to about the PTSD, you can contact me. I've been through a couple of the same things, though my PTSD is from a different cause.

I commend your courage to speak out about some things that have happened to you. I am happy that you are doing well. I have been through a few things myself and I would like to talk some time. I haven't been through as bad or as much as you have, but if you can find a way through, then maybe I can too.

i would love to meet you in real life but your life story is sad but im glad god has created a person as you cause your amazing

You really have been there done that. You are a strong comapssionate person. I applaud you for your honesty and sincerity. Take care

Anyone who has survived all of that and is still positive in their outlook is remarkable.<br />
I commend your honesty and strength.<br />
<br />
God bless and thanks for sharing.

My luv, reading the end part of your story, made me weep and admire you. Honey you are an amazing woman, a true example of strength and survivorship. Thank you sweetie from the core of my heart for allowing us to know you, for sharing this part of you but most importantly for being so stupendous to invite others into your life to be able to provide hope and advice. My heart goes out to you.

You are true survivor. I am glad to have read your story.

You are a winner.

Thanks for sharing. It takes courage and i'm here to tell you that you are a survivor and you my dear can get thru anything life throws at you. The good news is that because of your own personal experiences and what you've been thru you can and will help a lot of people. We are no longer alone!!<br />
I too am a survivor of physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse, alcohol and drug addiction and am a better person because of it and have a passion for helping others. <br />
Keep letting your light (Gods Love) shine and overflow on others. I am also adding you as friend.<br />
God bless and take care and look forward to talking with you more!!